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Own your creative power




Very few of us master our creative power in a way that enables us to create nurturing results and make positive choices for ourselves. We often end up with compromises and negative choices, taking us apart slowly but surely.

In the online product Own your creative power I have collected everything you need to know going from inspiration to manifestation. It’s all boiled down to concrete steps you are able to implement.

I will explain:

  • Why your desires are meant for you.
  • How you can tell the difference between real and false desires.
  • Why planning often slows down the creative process.
  • Energetic supportive action and direct action.
  • Why we should always act from elegance and ease.
  • The role of our ego and the best way to handle it.
  • Why we encounter resistance and how to transform it.
  • The reactions of our surroundings and mastering co-creation with others.

You will receive three videos plus you also receive an audio version of the product. I always keep my teachings succinct and concise in order for you to implement fast.

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The intention behind the product is to raise your consciousness so you will be able to take responsibility on a much deeper level in order to manifest your desires and live your best life.

I love sharing my insights and tools so many more are able to enjoy their short time here on this planet.

Love C.