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It’s all about frequency


Essential oils are the essence of a plant: herbs, fruits, trees or flowers. These essences all vibrate at a very high frequency. Human cells are very similar to the cells of a plant. We can use the oils to create balance and to raise our own frequency. In short, the essential oils can assist our cells in reaching homeostasis, which is just a fancy word for inner balance. An inner balance will always create balance in the outer world. It’s that simple.

Network marketing has probably always had a bad reputation. Many have prejudgments of pyramid schemes and all kinds of things. That was also very true for me. Now I understand the genius and love immersed the model for all involved. Doterra’s mission runs deep. They want to help the world heal which resonates beautifully with my own mission.

I have created a team where we connect around doterra’s many amazing products and opportunities. When we combine awareness and intention with the magic of the plants then in many ways, we are able to bring the heaven down to earth. Which is something I love.

If you join my team, you can draw on my expertise and a network of enlightened souls. You will get lots of education and answers to all your questions. Even the questions you didn’t know you had. Many describe a life before and after doTERRA.

As a wholesale customer you can buy products for you and your family. There are no demands of monthly purchases (but offers of more discounts).

As a wellness advocate (distributor) you get to decide your vision. Most active builders will get their products paid for. You can also go after creating a side income or build a very successful business like me. No matter what your desires are I can help you get there if you are willing to act.

Most choose to begin with a kit. That’s also the best deal. However, it’s also possible to choose some of the many products a la carte. Either way you will get 25 % on everything in the shop with my link.

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