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What are you longing for?

I have known for quite some time that our frequency is the foundation of the way we experience life. The inner is reflected on the outside and vice versa. Lately I have landed in a deep passion for essential oils and the transformation they can create for us.

I know that doTERRA can be the answer to your prayers. There is an oil for every challenge and every desire. It may sound too easy or too simple but if there is something life has taught me it’s that genius is often found in the simple. In my world doTERRA ended up being the passionate career change I had longed for.

I have entered a deep and endless excitement for the many amazing products. And not a day goes by without me appreciating the experiences and encounters with people that fill my soul with massive joy.

Essential olis

Aromatherapy dates way back in history. It has been known for centuries that we can access support and healing from nature. Essential oils are the essence of a plant: Herbs, fruits, trees or flowers.

The essential oils all vibrate at a very high frequency. We can use the oils to create balance and to raise our own frequency. Human cells are very similar to the cells of a plant. In short the essential oils can assist our cells in reaching homeostasis which is just a fancy word for inner balance. An inner balance will always create balance in the outer world. It’s that simple.

Would you like me as your mentor?

DoTERRAs products are sold via Network Marketing, and THAT’s something most people need a little time to digest. I know for sure I had to myself. I now get the genius and love surrounding that new way to doing business.

DoTERRA has become the motor I was searching for as a solo entrepreneur. I created my team around the understanding and embodiment of consciousness, ease and joy based on my spiritual understanding. Building a business is supposed to be fun, nurturing and meaningful for everyone involved.

I’m a confidant advisor and I have a clear understanding of structure, strategy and the important details. My brain is creative and full of ideas and my consciousness is behind the many shortcuts I’m able to create. I can point you towards your unique strengths and talents. And I’m a product nerd at heart. I have a strong ability to teach you which oils to use when and why.

How to get started

The journey begins with you making the choice of being either a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate. Both customers and advocates receive my mentoring and guidance if they choose to. I do all intro calls myself.

  • As a Wholesale Customer you will just buy products for your own use. There will be no monthly demands. Only an offer of further reductions if you choose to.
  • As a Wellness Advocate you can either build yourself or have others build for you in order to have your products paid for. You may go for an extra income or like me build a seven figure business around the oils. Whatever your desire may be, I’m able to help you.

Most people begin their oil journey with an enrollment kit. That’s by far the best deal. You can however choose a la carte and even begin with just one or a few oils.

Fill out my form and I will contact you within a few days.

I would like to hear more about doTERRA

I’m not committing to anything, but I would like to explore my options. Please contact me.

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Why essential oils are magical:

  • Essential oils have the ability to transform the cells inside and out
  • The oils work as a genius form of silent therapy
  • We achieve the ability to feel and express our emotions
  • Our body, mind and soul enter a balanced state
  • Flow, happiness and vitality becomes our new normal
  • The body is nurtured in a deep way
  • We are supported in making positive choices and acting on the right things
  • Children and animals are easily supported by the oils
  • We get to live in a home free from harmful chemicals
  • Living from high frequencies is magical
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