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Doterra’s new collagen is an amazing product ideal for all kinds of biohacking.

In short, the collagen supports our cell function from the inside, so our mitochondrias work properly. From the age of 25 the body’s production of a substance called nad falls considerable. Nad creates energy in our cells.

There are many collagens out there. Doterra has created the best one in my opinion and I have tried a lot brands.

My customers rave about more energy, deeper sleep, weightloss, stronger hair and nails, less gray hairs, improved eyesigth, pain relief and so much more.

I now understand that the signs of ageing are symptoms that can be reversed and I also understand that it’s super important that we pay attention to those signs. They are all letting us know that the body needs better support. Over time we will have bigger challenges if we ignore the first signs, so it makes sense to adjust and nurture the cells from the inside. When we handle the little things, we avoid the larger ones.