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“What’s your story?”

Oh, that’s always such a big question. Where do you begin and where do you end?

I have over 20 years of experience in the self help industry. It was a natural place for me to land because I was looking for ways to create a more nurturing life based on freedom, meaning and joy.

Doterra showed up in my life with so much power that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Today I’m a blue diamond and scandinavian founder. All that it really means is that I have helped a lot of people creating wholeness and meaning in their lives, including several micro farmers around the world.

I have been passionate about the essential for years. In many ways the project is about creating paradise on earth. Utopia for most people but a clear and concise task for me. Giving the plants a voice brings me deep joy. They hold so much wisdom and healing.

I live in denmark north of Copenhagen with mads and our three kiddos: villads, elvira and bella. We also share our lives with our sweet dog daisy. She is a daily reminder of everything essential too. We love to renovate homes, so we are always involved in new projects. And we move often. Growth is part of our love language.