How to handle negative emotion


Not many generations ago we had very little choice as humans and especially women. Back then it made sense to numb our emotions. Then came a period where we spent a lot of time talking about our emotions. Those patterns are still going strong today. As we enter the self help arena we end up constantly trying to manage how we feel.

It’s a great first step. But in many ways ruminating in our emotions keeps us in the symptom. The real reason behind our emotions lies in the conditions we set up for ourselves. If they are crappy we feel crappy. If they are mediocre we feel mediocre. And overanalysing that just keeps us crappy and mediocre.

What are you longing to do? Go do that. Or do a smaller version of that if you are still in your feelings around money (and make a plan to transform that). Times have changed. We have the power to make positive choices for ourselves now. And when we do that we don’t have to fix our emotions. We feel naturally elated.