Why you shouldn’t be asking for signs


Doubt can creep up in our lives from time to time. In reality doubt is always a mask for fear. We know what to do. But for some reason it scares us so we make up a story around not knowing what to do.

At times when we are in doubt (aka fear) we begin looking outside of ourselves. Many spiritually inclined people become emerged in looking for signs.

Asking for signs is always an abdication of power. It’s saying: Universe, tell me what to do. It goes against our core being as the divine creators we all are. The Universe is waiting for our lead. And when we are not leading we end up wallowing in doubt (fear).

Here is what to do instead: Take a few steps in the direction of the intention or desire that you are having doubts about. Look for the results and your emotions. As you begin acting it becomes clearer if you want to proceed or course correct. That way you stay in your power. Doubt (fear) falls away and you will know what to do.