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Look around at your life.
Do you love what you see?
Does your life excite you?
Fulfill you?
Overwhelm you with joy?



Then it’s time for a change. For you to change how and what you are thinking day to day.

Every moment, you are creating the life around you. The thoughts that you think, the words that you speak, all lead directly to the life that you’re living.

And if you don’t wake up every morning with love for your life, then it’s time to translate, simplify & implement some new spiritual concepts.


It doesn’t have to mean crystal healing. It doesn’t have to mean a silent meditation in Bali. It doesn’t have to mean sun salutations and green juice.

(But it could mean all of these things).


You are already living a spiritual life, regardless of whether you use your wand for nurturing and fun or self destruction. When you realise how powerful you are, your life can change instantly.

When you begin to understand how the universe works and you learn how to honor your essence, your life will change for good.

My name is Christine Eilvig and I’m here to help translate these concepts, translate spirituality to help you live the life of your dreams.

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